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Creating a holistic understanding of

culturally diverse audiences

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What We Do & Why

Broadly, “culture” refers to social norms, customs, beliefs, and other factors that influence the attitudes and behaviours of a given population. It is layered and multi-faceted, meaning that there are often considerable nuances across population subgroups (e.g. by country of origin, city, age).

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Too often, we do not have a holistic understanding of culturally diverse audiences, due to factors such as lack of interaction, representation in media or visibility in prominent positions within culture and society. This can lead to misunderstandings and, sadly, the perpetuation of restrictive, and often harmful, stereotypes.

We focus on historically marginalised groups, in a global or domestic context.

This includes, but is not limited to, gender, race, ethnicity and religion. We also look, in-depth, at specific needs and experiences that emerge at the intersection of characteristics (e.g. sexuality, socioeconomic circumstances, health etc.).

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Our aim is to be a conduit between culturally diverse audiences and those looking to serve them, with a view of helping all flourish.
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Positively, there are a number of tailwinds that are making our work even more important and exciting in today's world! These include organisations prioritising their ESG performance, the commercial benefits of attracting diverse audiences, and consumers demanding that organisations are socially responsible.

Who We Are

Our (award-winning) Founder, Sania Haq, has been championing diverse audiences for over a decade, working with top corporations (e.g. Spotify, YouTube, Disney) and on some of society’s most challenging issues (e.g. the refugee crisis, female empowerment, and social cohesion).

We are passionate about what we do and how we can work together to have an even bigger impact.

We support our clients with their whole offering, whether that’s who they work with or who they work for:

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Designing and executing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies.

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Reaching and serving diverse audiences across the globe, with particular expertise in music and entertainment.

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Social Impact

Tackling inequalities by helping governments and nonprofits better understand and meet the socioeconomic needs of diverse audiences.

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Our Services

We work across three broad streams, spanning both knowledge and action.

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Diversity can be a challenging space to navigate. The consequences of saying or doing the wrong thing are high, meaning that good intentions need to be supported by know-how. Our aim is to empower our clients to feel confident in their diversity journey.

We offer two forms of training (topics below), in ½ or 1 Day formats.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace
Full day Half day

  • Why we need to be more intentional about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
  • Understanding and addressing our biases.
  • Tracking systemic issues that can lead to unequal treatment and outcomes.
  • Strategies and practices.
  • Roadmapping the DEI journey.
  • Bespoke content that focuses on areas of most interest to your organisation (e.g. specific industry-wide systemic challenges).
Inclusive Research
Full day Half day

We are insight-led and strongly believe in the role research can play in empowering diverse audiences. Its potential, however, is often untapped. Our aim is to unleash it!

  • Considerations in relation to ethics, validity and reliability when researching diverse audiences (e.g. sampling, data collection methodologies, question wording).
  • Best practices to navigate current gaps and challenges.
  • Workshopping specific challenges in relation to the audiences you serve.
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Data is at the core of our work. We use data to create an in-depth understanding of diverse audiences and to amplify the voices of the lesser heard.

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Designing and delivering primary (qualitative and/or quantitative) research among diverse audiences, across the globe.

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Building a profile of your audiences using secondary data (e.g. literature reviews, desk research).

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Supporting your in-house or external insights teams.

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Optimising methodologies to ensure that research more accurately represents diverse audiences.

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While knowledge is fundamental, real change comes through execution. We work closely with our clients to build and deliver strategies, for the workplace as well as directly to consumers and/or beneficiaries.

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Creating an overall strategy execution roadmap.

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Supporting the delivery of specific initiatives (e.g. product/service launches).

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Offering advisory support over a long-term period.

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Intelligence & Inspiration

Follow our analysis of diversity hot-topics and trends.

South Asian Music
The Global Rise of South Asian Music

South Asian artists like Arijit Singh and Diljit Dosanjh are finding new global success as their music spreads among the South Asian diaspora.


Musical Thumbnail
Escaping the Bermuda Triangle: Charting the Rise of Raf-Saperra

By blending Punjabi music and old-school Hip-hop, Raf-Saperra is honoring his roots while creating a fresh sound loved by global audiences.


Ethnic & Racial Representation in Research & Data - How far did we come in 2021?

2020 was a point of inflection and reckoning in relation to race and ethnicity, sparked by tragedies such as the murder of George Floyd and the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on non-white diaspora communities.


Designing Research That is Effective, Fair and Empowering.

Research plays a powerful role in giving lesser-heard groups a platform to represent themselves. Here is a handy guide for addressing biases, blind spots, and additional important sampling/data collection considerations for valid and effective results.


Improving Race Relations in America - US Citizens Believe The Time is Now

In late June (23rd-28th) 2020, we surveyed a representative sample of our US panel to better understand their feelings about race relations in America.


Let's Meet in the Middle

I recently came across a thought-provoking quote about inclusivity, by one of the most celebrated marketing gurus, Philip Kotler. It said, “being inclusive is not about being similar; it is about living harmoniously despite differences.”


ESG's coming to America

We are excited to launch our weekly ESG newsletter. For the next few weeks it will be available to all Daily KnowHow subscribers before forming part of our wider KnowHow product suite.


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Getting in touch

Key to delivering successfully in relation to diverse audiences is knowing that no one size fits all. The space is also always evolving - we must continuously put in the work.

Once we have an in-depth understanding of your needs, we build solutions that work specifically for your organisation and audiences, using one or a combination of our Services.

Learn more about our industry accredited courses here.

Supercharging Systemic Change - Embedding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion within Organisations

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Designing Research that is Effective, Fair & Empowering

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